Spam111 spam and virus filtering system



Single Mailbox Spam Filter Service
  • works for any POP email box regardless of your ISP
  • enter your POP information and spam111 filters your mail
  • then you check your spam111 mailbox and you're spam free!
  • $5/month!!!
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The spam 111 single POP mailbox filter lets you control how your incoming email filtering is handled. You can simply stop spam by deleting it or you can quarantine it for later review...

   ...AND you can decide for yourself what is spam and what isn't... at both the domain level or for each individual email box.

Manage Your Account

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Benefits of the spam111 virus & spam filter:

  • stop spam by deleting it automatically
  • quarantine questionable messages for later review
  • block spam from your personal POP box for free with a spam111 account.
  • anti virus filter included with spam filter for free

How Do I Manage My Spam Filter?

With spam111 you can simply accept the settings we give you or manage your own settings, see your usage graphs and review mail in your quarantine. Just login above. Once you log in, you will find an easy to use help system that will show you how to set up your own spam filter to meet your own special needs. See how it works.

Can I Use Webmail?

SPAM111 single POP box users can check their mail when they are away from their computers using our webmail client. When you want to use this feature, remember to turn off any automatic mail checking on your computer so the mail remains in your SPAM111 mailbox.

What Is the spam111 email & virus filter?

Spam-111 is a sophisticated spam filter and virus filter service that uses several different methods for determining whether an incoming email message is spam or not. We use heuristic spam control methods, Bayesian spam filtering methods, rules based evaluation, collaborative databases, white lists, black lists and other methods to define spam and remove it from your life. Plus, we include proven, effective virus removal technology as a bonus.



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