Spam111 spam and virus filtering system




Here's how the single POP system works:

How you get mail now:

How you will get mail from now on:

Then there are just two things to set up before you are spam free:

  1. You must tell your email program about your spam111 account
  2. You must tell spam111 about your original email account

Step 1: From now on, you will check your spam111 email box instead of your original mailbox. Simply change two or maybe three items in your mail program settings so it checks your spam111 mailbox instead of your original mailbox.

  • Username or account name changes to:
  • POP server (incoming) changes to:
  • Password changes to: whatever password you just requested
  • Leave the email address, SMTP (outgoing) and all other items alone.

Step 2: Log into spam111 to tell it about your original mailbox so it can check your mail, filter it and put it in your spam111 mailbox for you.

There is no need to tell anyone about your spam111 mailbox or email address. Just use your original email address as you always have for all communications. The only difference is that now, spam111 will be checking and filtering your original mailbox and you will be checking the spam111 mailbox to receive your filtered mail.




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