Spam111 spam and virus filtering system




Here's how the domain based filtering system works:

How you get mail now:

How you will get mail from now on:

Then there are just two things to set up before you are spam free:

  1. We have to set up spam111 so it sends filtered mail back to your MX servers
  2. You must tell your DNS provider to use our MX servers instead of yours.

Step 1: We will set up spam111 so that when mail is received for you, it is filtered and processed as follows:

  • Mail is received by spam111 and filtered.
  • Depending on the result of the filtering mail is either deleted, quarantined or delivered.
  • Quarantined mail can be viewed by logging into You can also see your usage figures and adjust your settings.
  • Delivered mail will be received by your mail servers as it always has been.

Step 2: Your DNS must change from what it is set to now, to point to our MX servers.






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