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Most networks get attacked by viruses through email. For that reason, we added virus protection to spam111 at no additional cost. Computer viruses cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Lost productivity from cleaning up problems and lost information can seriously effect your performance. Now you can protect your network, your desktop computer and your laptop computer when you travel from the latest viruses regardless of the operating system you use by signing up for the spam111 anti-virus and anti-spam service.

All incoming and outgoing email messages that pass through our servers are scanned using Clam AntiVirus. Virus definitions are updated whenever an update comes out. Virus definition tables are kept up to date and are based on the OpenAntiVirus database along with additional signatures including those for popular polymorphic viruses and some of our own enhancements.

As additional protection from viruses that are sent as attachments, any message having an attachment with the .vbs, .lnk, .scr, .wsh, .hta or .pif extensions will have the attachment stripped from the message before delivery.

Virus Information:

  • Virus: A virus is a computer program that spreads itself across computers networks by making copies
    of itself and sending the copies to others without your knowledge. Sometimes they simply spread themselves around without other effects, but more typically, they will have some harmful damaging or security breaching effect from a simple annoying remark that shows up on your screen on a certain date to stealing your passwords to deleting all your files.
  • Virus Hoaxes: These are email messages with a warning about a non-existent virus. They will usually suggest that you forward the message to everyone you know. There are several places where you can check on whether a virus is a hoax. Just type in the name of the file or virus in question into a search engine such as Google and you can learn more information.
  • Trojan Horse: A Trojan Horse is a computer program that hides its true purpose and pretends to be a game or other useful software or software upgrade. Some Trojans may delete files, infect the system with a virus, steal passwords or otherwise compromise system security.
  • Worm: A worm is like a virus but doesn't need a carrier to work. It just replicates itself and sends itself to others using your email.

What You Can Do:

  • Sign Up for spam111 so we can remove viruses before they get to you.
  • Install an anti-virus system in the unlikely event a straggler or brand new virus gets through.
  • Never open attachments or click on links in an email message unless you know what will happen.
  • Backup your systems. If you lose your data due to a virus, you'll never forgive yourself.
  • Consider turning off the preview pane in your email client so that simply opening an infected email message doesn't run a virus or other harmful program.



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